Preparation for omelette with chanterelles


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Preparation for chanterelles omelette: sliced dried chanterelles, shallots and parsley.

Dried chanterelles, from Spain (Catalan Pyrenees).

Net 10g tube (single format).


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Pour the contents of the tube into a bowl and cover it with water, or better milk and/or fresh cream to rehydrate the preparation with sliced chanterelles - shallots - parsley for at least 10 minutes. A longer soaking time will give a softer texture to the small pieces of chanterelles mushrooms.

Meanwhile, beat 4 eggs in another bowl. Season with our salt with forest mushrooms and herbs.

Once rehydrated, reduce your preparation with rehydrated chanterelles in a pan with its juice to concentrate its flavor (hence the importance of not having an excess of water/milk/fresh cream to rehydrate).

Before it remains little liquid, add the fat to fry your preparation (the contents of the whole jar is provided for 8 to 10 eggs) under high heat for 1 to 2 minutes with olive oil (for example, our condiment flavored with porcini and with extra virgin olive oil in large bottle or with spray), butter, sour cream or fat goose or duck (to taste).

We recommend trying the butter mixture - olive oil that gives a unique flavor to your chanterelles!

Pour your eggs and cook to your liking. Treat yourself !

You can also serve this tasty accompaniment to meat preparation or incorporate it into potatoes, pasta or in a risotto. 

If you want to find bigger chanterelles pieces in your omelette, try our dried chanterelles or our chanterelles in brine, as well as our little chanterelles in brine.
 On the opposite, if you like to find only the chanterelles scent in omelets or sauces, without pieces, try our chanterelles powder. 


Our different sauces and their characteristics:

- Fast sauce in 10 minutes, with thickening, to boil in a mixture of milk and cream:

* Quick porcini sauce.

- Sauces ready in 10 minutes, without thickening, to mix with water:

* Ready porcini sauce: sliced porcini, onion, Parmesan cheese base, Gorgonzola cheese base, eggplant, garlic, parsley,

* Preparation for omelette with porcini: sliced porcini, shallots and parsley,

* Preparation for omelette with chanterelles: sliced chanterelles, shallots and parsley.

- The sauce to simmer, with a longer preparation time (50 min) to rehydrate dried porcini mushrooms, onions, shallots, garlic:

* The best porcini sauce.

- Fully ready sauces in jar, only to warm up:

* Tomato sauce with porcini,

* Tomato sauce with summer truffles.


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Data sheet
FamilyQuick preparations
UseAfter rehydration, with meat, omelettes, potatoes, pasta or risotto.
PreparationCook by following the tips listed on the back of the packaging or in the profile information on this web site.
Ingredients & average energy and nutritional values

Ingredients: Sliced chanterelles mushrooms, shallots, parsley


Average energy and nutritional values per 100g : 

Energy: kJ – kcal

Fat: g

of which saturated acids: g

Carbohydrates: g

of which sugars: g

Proteins: g

Dietary fiber: g

Salt: g


Values being determined

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Preparation for omelette with chanterelles

Preparation for chanterelles omelette: sliced dried chanterelles, shallots and parsley.

Dried chanterelles, from Spain (Catalan Pyrenees).

Net 10g tube (single format).


Price per 100g, all tax included: 69€50


(More details below)

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