Preparation for quick porcini sauce


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Preparation for quick sauce with thickener, to boil in a mixture of milk and cream and ready in 10 minutes.

Net 45g bag (single format).


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Recipe for 5 people - Preparation time: 10 minutes

Ingredients to add:
- Whole milk 50ml
- And 150ml thick fresh cream.

To increase the porcini taste in our quick porcini sauce, choose the highest quality ingredients: we recommend the use of whole milk (pasteurized or micro filtered) and fresh cream from Isigny (Normandie).

Pour the contents of the bag in 50ml whole milk and 150ml thick fresh cream (1 good big - very generous - tablespoon).

Bring to boil, while stirring with a whisk, then simmer 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.

It is already ready!

Our different sauces and their characteristics:

- Fast sauces in 10 minutes, with thickening, to boil in a mixture of milk and cream:

     * Porcini soup,

     Quick porcini sauce,

     * Morel sauce.

- Sauces ready in 10 minutes, without thickening, to mix with water:

     Ready porcini sauce: sliced porcini, onion, Parmesan cheese base, Gorgonzola cheese base, eggplant, garlic, parsley,

     * Ready truffle sauce: slices dried summer truffle, onion, carrot, leek, parsley, sliced dried porcini,

     * Preparation for omelette with morels: sliced dried morels, shallots and parsley,

     * Preparation for omelette with chanterelles: sliced dried chanterelles, shallot and parsley

     * Preparation for omelette with porcini: sliced dried porcini, shallots and parsley.

- The sauces to simmer, with a longer preparation time to rehydrate dried mushrooms:

     * The best mushroom sauce,

     * The sauce with chanterelles,

     * The truffle sauce

- Fully ready sauces in jar, only to warm up:

     Tomato sauce with summer truffles.


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Data sheet
FamilyQuick preparations
UseAfter cooking, on top of grilled meat, rice, pasta, potatoes or vegetables.
PreparationCook by following the tips listed on the back of the packaging or in the profile information on this web site.
ingredients & average energy and nutritional values

Ingredients: wheat flour, potato starch, porcini and boletus 30,8%, white mushrooms, vegetable oil (palm oil), mushrooms extracts, parsley, turmeric, sugar, flavors, Guar gum, milk, salt, yeast, maltodextrin.


May contain traces of celery, eggs, soy and mustard.


Average energy and nutritional values per 100g:

Energy322 kJ – 77,4 kcal
which saturates:1,89g
of which sugars:0,75g

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Preparation for quick porcini sauce

Preparation for quick sauce with thickener, to boil in a mixture of milk and cream and ready in 10 minutes.

Net 45g bag (single format).


Price per 100g, all tax included: 26€89


(More details below)

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