Standard mushroom knife (with wooden handle)


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Our standard mushroom knife with wooden handle is your best tool for mushroom picking.


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For mushroom picking, we recommend the use of our standard mushroom knifeFirst, turn the mushroom itself to separate it from its mycelium (filaments): it is better not to use the knife to cut the mushroom at its base, as part of the mushroom you leave on site will rot and this decomposition may involve the mycelium as well. Do not tear the mushroom, the mycelium could come together. It is essential to protect the mycelium by covering it with earth, mosses or dry leaves for it has to continue to live in order to produce mushrooms again the following years. 

What is then the use of a knife mushrooms will you say? Well, it helps to clean the mushrooms on the field, right after its crop: use the blade to cut the earthy part of the basement, the damaged parts and the spores parts, especially for porcini when it is already old. Leave the spores on site, this will be useful for the propagation of the species. The reverse corrugated part of the blade enables you to remove any deposits of earth and stones without removing the full part. Finally the brush will clean the mushroom cap without damaging it, to remove twigs, needles and other plant debris stuck on it.

The knife has a ring to be hooked to a key ring and it comes in a cloth pouch, which can be passed to the belt (presence of a passerby on the back).

What differentiates the standard knife from the curved model:

- Tweezers is housed at the base of the blade, which allows to withdraw splinters accidentally planted in the hands manipulating brambles, 

- The brush which is integral with the grip of the knife is more rigid. 

Each knife is unique due to the natural variability in the color of the wood. The color represented in the photograph is therefore not contractual. 

See also our standard knife with green plastic handle and our standard knife with printed wooden handle (with pictures).

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FamilyMushrooms knives
UseTo clean mushrooms in the field once picked, otherwise at home before cooking.

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Standard mushroom knife (with wooden handle)

Our standard mushroom knife with wooden handle is your best tool for mushroom picking.


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