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Our team - La boutique du champignon

From left to right: Christophe CROLET, Delphine JULIEN, Jean-Marc AUFFRAY


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It is a passion for mushrooms and a love for beautiful things that brought us, Delphine JULIEN, Jean-Marc AUFFRAY and Christophe CROLET, together around the concept of the "Boutique du Champignon" (mushroom shop) in Alsace.

The first "Boutique du Champignon" was created in Font-Romeu in the South of France (Cerdagne - Pyrenees Orientales) in 1998. In 2002, the "Boutique du Champignon" won a Gold Mercury award for its innovation; created by the Industry and Trade Chamber and the Ministry of Small Entreprises, Trade and Handicrafts, this award honors the best traders in France for their innovation, quality of their marketing strategy, financial management, as well as their quality approach. In 2003, the "Boutique du Champignon" moved into the magnificent fortified village of Villefranche de Conflent, still in the Catalan Pyrenees, halfway between Perpignan and Andorra. It is located in a former guard chamber of said bastion built by Vauban: 3 vaulted rooms constructed of beautiful marble, granite and cayrou (Brick used in the Catalan region since the 15th century) house an enchanted shop of 150 square meters dedicated to mushrooms and the wonderful world that surrounds them. 

1000 km away from its Pyrenean cradle, a second "Boutique du Champignon" chose to take root in 2006 in Eguisheim in Alsace, a land of noble gastronomic traditions where mushrooms picked from the neighboring Vosges mountains are not unknown to the local cuisine, particularly in dishes with wild game. Eguisheim, near the city of Colmar, is not only, due to its cultural center, one of the most beautiful villages in France for tourists (Eguisheim is the winner of the 2013 edition of the renowned TV show "The Favorite Village of the French"). The village has friendly locals that drive the life of the city with rich and dense associational activities. It is pleasant to live and work in Eguisheim, as visitors are able to perceive and appreciate the calm atmosphere and even seek it again by regularly visiting the village in different seasons. Eguisheim is not a town through which you merely pass; Eguisheim is a village where you stop to take the time to appreciate the full extent of its beauty and treasures (history and heritage, wine and food).

The "Boutique du Champignon" chose to take root in Eguisheim to share with you our own treasures: our art and culinary specialties based on mushrooms. We were seduced by the beautiful surroundings of Eguisheim, birthplace of Alsatian vineyards, village of traditions and gastronomy, with its concentric circular streets around the medieval castle and signature quaint houses decorated with flowers. It is in a spacious and warm place that we present mushrooms in all their forms, a unique concept in Europe. The interior design and decoration aim to create a beautiful shop while still maintaining a sober, tasteful environment: wood studs are apparent and presentation shelves are made of solid birch, while light colors and decorative items evoke nature (pine bark and cork oak, pine cones, leaves, mushrooms in season, plants). The cozy atmosphere is complemented by the zen music or nature sounds.

In 2014 our « Boutique du Champignon » in Eguisheim was awarded the "Customer Reception Trophy" by the Industry and Trade Chamber – Colmar and Middle Alsace.

Plan de la ville d'Eguisheim et situation de La Boutique du Champignon


Our products

At the "Boutique du Champignon", we offer all gourmets a unique range of rare and unusual flavors, thanks to our wide variety of refined and tasty products which use the finest mushrooms: truffles, porcini, morels, chanterelles and horn of plenty mushrooms

We guarantee a high quality of our fine gastronomic specialties based on mushrooms and truffles, distinguished guests on the best tables: appetizers pickled mushrooms in vinegar and olive oil, mushroom creams and mushroom spreads to taste on toast or to coat meat and pasta, mushroom powder to sprinkle on the plate or after cooking, and also pastas and risottos, savory cakes and soups, sauces and sauce basemeat terrines and fish spreads, olive oils and vinegarsmustards and pesto, butter and salts, honey … 

Our shop online offers a selection of these gustatory treasures, with tips and recipes on how to present our products and meet (and exceed) the taste expectations of your guests. Our unusual and delicious gourmet specialties are all original ideas for special gifts and of course for your own enjoyment.

All our products come from a rigorous selection process: each is tested and rated, and dried mushrooms are sorted manually. The high quality and noble ingredients restore the delicious taste of authenticity. You will discover in our "Boutique du Champignon" a range of high quality handicrafts, true gastronomic treasures, including exclusive picks you will not find anywhere else, like our appetizers mushrooms, or our preparation for the best mushroom sauce, or our porcini spread which will reveal their sublime aromas on toast, steak or pasta. Or simply let yourself be seduced by our traditional mushrooms in brine and truffles in brine!

The range offered in our store also offers many artistic creations inspired by these friendly hosts of our woods. We take special care to find artists able to create exclusive and exquisite designs for our clients, in unique and high quality decorative items, of course mushroom shaped: wooden lamps, blown glass lamps, ceramic and porcelain lamps, mushroom shaped wooden sculptures, humorous ceramic mushrooms, stylized glass mushrooms, as well as friendly and comical mushrooms straight out of fairy tales that invite you to dream! Not to mention playing cards, magnets, toys, mushroom knives and other mycological original objects (chessboards, clocks). Each time a call is made to artisans who readily combine their imagination with the insatiable, inspirational theme of mushrooms.

In our bookshop you will find carefully selected books. Enthusiasts will find the latest reference books in mycology, and a large choice of determination guides for all levels of knowledge for picking mushrooms with confidence. Children are no exception: they will enter a magical world where reside mushrooms, fairies, dragons, and other fantastic creatures. Both budding and accomplished cooks will appreciate the recipes books that will give them all the tips from the selection to the plate to create dishes with unique flavors. Finally, fans of artistic mushroom pictures will be delighted by our selection of beautiful books.

The "Boutique du Champignon" presents the mushroom in all its forms and in all subjects, always with the same winning recipe:

- At low heat, start to cook a strong passion for mushrooms, together with a tradition of creativity and innovation since 1998.

- Simmer rigor on compliance of our products, their provenance and their very high quality during a long time.

- Stir the quality of customer reception and an ever attentive ear to the needs of our customers gently by hand,

- Sprinkle a warm atmosphere on our sales outlets (shops, markets, fairs, gastronomic fairs),

- Finally serve the best cuisine to titillate the taste buds of your guests!

Our blog

At the “Boutique du Champignon”, we invite you to benefit from our expertise to help you better understand this reign of "Funghi 'mushrooms. Discover very soon our various blog posts on the mycelium, mushroom picking, mushroom drying, poisoning by mushrooms, the largest living being on earth is a mushroom, ticks and Lyme disease, and the mushroom radioactivity.

Our goal is to introduce original aspects of this fabulous reign, so that you could have a benevolent and caring perpsective about the unusual world of mushrooms. We do not aspire for a scientific completeness and invite you to contact your local mycological society if you want to deepen your knowledge.

In our blog, we also show you the news of our village of Eguisheim and of the Mushroom Festival (Fête du Champignon) which takes place annually on the last weekend of October.

Finally, we share our good recipes in a dedicated section of our blog. You will also find these recipes in the "Recipes" section for each product item. In the coming weeks, we will complete the content of these recipes and we will make them available for download as individual files.


Our documentation

A summary presentation of our “Boutique du Champignon” and of our products is also available in different languages ​​(click on each language to download):

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Our website is fully available in French and in English: click on the corresponding flag at the top left of the home page.

We apologize for the temporary imperfection of the translation of our website in English during its startup phase. Indeed, all the translated pages have not yet been proofread and corrected by a native speaker. Thank you so much for your understanding.

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