Mushrooms picking secrets


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Benoît PEYRE, author and publisher

Each month a different mushroom.

Book of 168 pages, in French.

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Mushrooms, at least some secrets from experienced mycophiles (= mushrooms lovers)!

To satisfy the thirst for knowledge of the majority, it is good to rely on the experience of field workers. Also, authentic mushrooms pickers here deliver their picking secrets!

Chanterelles, porcini, morels, but also Amanita caesarea, St. George, delicious milk caps and many others: they show us where to find them when to look for them, and how to discover them!

Each month a different mushroom.

In the footsteps of these passionated people, we will discover days after days  the secrets of baskets full of mushrooms and and the pleasure of picking twelve succulent mushrooms. Something to cheer all through the year!

Funny anecdotes and gourmet tips nicely complement the revealed secrets, for our delight!

Photographer and writer, Benoît Peyre, lives according to mushrooms growing. Enthusiast mycophile (= mushrooms lover) since childhood, he tracks down and crunches curiously the strange world of little beings undergrowth.
Not satisfied with the quality level of pictures reproduced in books by major publishers, he chose to publish his very finest books himself. Each of the pictures reproduced in his books is treated with a selected varnish, making a masterpiece of each. We had never seen before such a level of excellence in the picture rendering: you feel like having in hands an album of photographic images of very high quality, not a book. We do not hesitate to say that the Benoît Peyre books are works of art in themselves.

"My name is Benoît Peyre. Married with 4 children, I live in a Gods blessed land on mushrooms: Corrèze, in the French South-West part. Inveterate mushrooms picker, fascinated since childhood by all that relates to the fungal reign, I decided there are more than nine years to stop my insurance agent's career to devote myself full time only to mushroom . To find out and let the greatest number of people discover the immense richness and infinite variety of fungal kingdom: this is the mission that I set myself. Through photography, poetry or fiction writings, I emphasize the unusual and curious aspects of our little undergrowth elves but I remain pragmatic. Besides my mycophile liberal activity (self-publisher, conferences, photo exhibitions, etc.), I am also "mushrooms" project manager in the Economic Chamber of Corrèze. Somehow a general specialist of mushrooms!

Everyone has no time (or inclination!) to step down and look under the small colorful hats of our friends in the undergrowth. Photography allows me to present the mushrooms in a new light, the shots are most often made at ground level. Patience and approach are stealthily: some mushrooms are tiny, hard to find. In addition, very small animals are present on or under the mushrooms: redouble discretion is the absolute rule to associate fungal reign and animal reign! I especially love photographing transparent or translucent mushrooms. A wonder of nature! In short, it is not always an easy task as mushroom picture hunting! Certainly mushrooms do not move too much (although some coprins!) but all the same: vigilance, vigilance!


In our new millennium, mushrooms world remains enigmatic to many of us. There, right under our feet, at the reach of our eyes, is a surprisingly varied universe, sometimes mysterious, often majestic: the mushrooms. Unusual shapes, incredible growing places, playing with light and transparency: the mushrooms do not have only good taste. For the simple eyes pleasure, they can look like stars or lace, adorn themselves with bright colors, weigh several kilos or be as soft as velvet. With a little patience, we can find small wonders far more often than we imagine. "


Benoît PEYRE


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Mushrooms picking secrets

Benoît PEYRE, author and publisher

Each month a different mushroom.

Book of 168 pages, in French.

(More details below)

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