"Cradle of the Alsatian vineyards, Eguisheim shines in the firmament of the most picturesque cities of Alsace, for the beauty of its architecture and its concentric path. The city has been recognized as one of the most beautiful villages in France and is the winner of the TV show on France 2: "The French 2013 Favorite Village". It is also very famous for its rich historical past.

A native of Eguisheim, St Leo IX, the great reformer Pope in the eleventh century, son of Count Hugh IV Nordgau and Eguisheim, gives it unrivaled prestige. The town of Eguisheim is named after a relative of Count Eberhard in the eighth century: Egino. Later was built the octagonal castle which remains significant remains. Around this fortress city is organized in double rampart. The church has retained its transition steeple of 1220. You can admire a a polychrome tympanum and an opening Virgin in 1300. The major charm of Eguisheim is its circuit flowered walls, the streets are lined with old houses sometimes surprisingly narrow teeming ornaments and unique architectural details.

On the market square, a beautiful 1557 Renaissance fountain is under the protection of historical monuments, other mansions are listed on the inventory of historical monuments. Dominant large octagonal fountain in the square of the castle, the Chapel neo-Romance offers visitors a rich interior colors. Eguisheim is also the starting point for an exciting medieval circuit, one of the five castles that dominate the romantic ruins of the wooded hills, vineyards and plains.

The Winemakers Festival ("Fête des Vignerons") which takes place in late August is one of the major events of Eguisheim. In a friendly atmosphere, each winemaker is pleased to offer its great wines from ancient vines cultivated with care. Whether from Sylvaner, Pinot Blanc, Muscat, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Gewurztraminer and Pinot Black or Crémant, the wines of Eguisheim perfect accompaniment to the delights of the local cuisine. Consume in moderation of course because alcohol abuse is harmful to health. Over the discovery, live music, folkloric and artistic entertain with good humor.

Other key events of Eguisheim, the New Wine Festival ("Fête du Vin Nouveau") takes place every last weekend in September and every first weekend of October: in a friendly atmosphere, tasting of new wine, peasant bread, nuts and bacon on the Place Saint Leo IX. A small market of local products is also part of the festival.

Each year, the Mushroom Festival ("Fête du Champignon") is a great success during the last weekend of October. This unique festival brings the whole village attuned to celebrate the mystery and fascination with mushrooms. In addition to an exhibition of regional species of wild mushrooms, mycological field trips are supervised by mycologists of the Mycological Society of Upper Rhine, partner of the operation: visitors are always delighted to meet real people . There is of course the gourmet aspect, with special menus in the restaurants of Eguisheim, a small restaurant in musical tent, a regional mushroom market. Finally with the busy streets of Eguisheim by a troupe of acrobats, all the joy of the mushroom world is shared for two days in Eguisheim.

Christmas Time in Eguisheim is punctuated by the Christmas Market ("Marché de Noël"). Each late November to late December weekend, visitors are increasingly numerous to come to delve into the cozy atmosphere, dream decor, the smells of mulled wine and cinnamon of the Christmas Market. All this gives a festive atmosphere with many small touch of nostalgia for a past not that distant, children dreams buried deep within themselves resurgent for the occasion. It's a world of legends and rites every year again become alive and take center stage in Eguisheim with varied entertainment: Floral entertainment, craft demonstrations, culinary delights presented by the Cooks of the City and of course Christmas children with workshops, making "bredalas" (Christmas cakes) and Christmas carols. Of course, we must not forget the night watchman and walking shepherd wandering the streets and the Christmas market with his bagpipes.

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