The Mushroom Festival - October, 26th & 27th 2019 in Eguisheim, Alsace

The Mushroom Festival - October, 26th & 27th 2019 in Eguisheim, Alsace

Download the program (English)
Download the program (German)

The Annual Mushroom Festival ("Fête du Champignon") in Eguisheim takes place every last weekend of October: this year it will take place on Saturday, October 26th and Sunday, October 27th 2019 for its 14th edition. This festival is the place of meeting, sharing and exchanging for all those passionate about mushrooms: mycologists, mycophiles and mushroom eaters. Each year, this unique festival is a great success and it brings the whole village attuned to celebrate the mystery and fascination with mushrooms.

The mushroom fascinates: it is at the same time indispensable, beautiful and threatened. To defend it, it is necessary to inform and educate, relying on fun events. For this purpose, a large exhibition of regional mushroom species is organized by the Haut-Rhin Mycological Society, under the leadership of its President Jean-Luc MULLER, from 9 am to 6 pm, in the former girls' school (“Monseigneur Stumpf” place - Eguisheim center).

During the weekend, mycological exits in the forest are supervised by members of the Mycological Society of Haut-Rhin: departures every day (Saturday and Sunday) at 9:30 am and 2:30 pm by car from the meeting point in the car park of Town Hall ("Hôtel de Ville - Mairie"). Beginner or confirmed mycologists can find something to fuel their fascination for a world that is far from having delivered all its secrets.

A local market around the mushroom will be held in the center of the village, divided by theme on 3 places, and a musical dining hall will offer special sausages with forest mushrooms created for the occasion, as well as delicious pasta with mushrooms. Finally, the taste buds of the mushroom eaters will be filled by the content of the Mushroom Menus that will be put in place by the restaurant owners associated with the operation, in collaboration with the winemakers of Eguisheim.

Entertainment and shows will be performed by actors in the streets of Eguisheim throughout the weekend.

The Eguisheim Mushroom Festival will also host the 3rd Official Truffle Market in Alsace, organized by the Association "Truffes d'Alsace" with the assistance of the Association of Truffle Growers of the Great East. Alsatian truffle growers will sell their produce and all the truffles sold on the spot will be individually controlled and certified (species, degree of maturity) by Leon WEHRLEN, Vice-President of the Association of Truffle Growers of the Great East. This control will be realized in public on the “Place du Château” (Castle Place) from 8:30 am Saturday and Sunday morning.

In order to discover the different varieties of local truffles, visitors will be able to visit an exhibition and take part in small thematic conferences led by Léon WEHRLEN which will take place in the room in front of the mycological exhibition:

Saturday at 11 pm: ""The truffle in the kitchen is easy, simple and good!"
Saturday at 3 pm: "Alsace, forgotten terroir of truffle, the reconquest of the black diamond!"

Sunday at 11am: "Pitfalls and scams to avoid consuming the truffle, without being wrong!"
Sunday at 3 pm: "Climate change: trees and truffle at the center of the target."

Access to all events of the Eguisheim Mushroom Festival is free.

The Mushroom Festival is organized by the Association of Economic Partners of Eguisheim, in partnership with the Mycological Society of Upper Rhine, the "Truffe 54 Lorraine" Association, the Trufficulteurs Association of the Greater East and "La Boutique du Champignon" (Mushroom Shop) from Eguisheim, founder of the festival in 2006.

 Eguisheim is winner of the TV show on France 2: "The French 2013 Favorite Village".

View Jean-Marc COQUELLE movie on Youtube.

A few pictures (Credits: Michel RICHARD - Mycological Society of Upper Rhine / Christophe CROLET - Boutique du Champignon (Mushroom Shop) / Raymond MORANT - Tourism Office from Eguisheim) :

Walk into the forest - October, 29th 2016

Walk into the forest - October, 30th 2016

Mushroom determination before exhibition

Mushroom exhibition

Details on shown mushrooms

Exhibition room external view

Mushrooms shown on the outer edges of the showroom windows - 1/3

Mushrooms shown on the outer edges of the showroom windows - 2/3

Mushrooms shown on the outer edges of the showroom windows - 3/3

Our mushroom booth

Troubadours' street performance 

Eguisheim castle place in the early morning on October, 30th 2016

Download french press releases: 

L'ALSACE - "Eguisheim, rupture de truffes" - October, 30th 2017

DNA - "Eguisheim, la truffe en vedette" - October, 30th 2017

DNA - "Eguisheim, un marché dédié à la truffe" - October, 29th 2017

L'ALSACE - "Eguisheim, lavées, brossées, canifées" - October, 27th 2017

L'ALSACE - "Eguisheim, à fond sur les champignons" - October, 27th 2017

L'ALSACE - "Eguisheim, c'est Versailles pour la truffe alsacienne" - October, 27th 2017

L'ALSACE - "Eguisheim, l'incontournable des mycophiles" - October, 24th 2017

DNA - October, 19th 2017

L'ALSACE - October, 25th 2015

L'ALSACE - October, 26th 2015

L'ALSACE - October, 29th 2015

DNA - September, 24th 2016

L'ALSACE - October, 28th 2016

L'ALSACE - October, 29th 2016 - 1/2

L'ALSACE - October, 29th 2016 - 2/2

L'ALSACE - October, 30th 2016

DNA - October, 30th 2016

DNA - October, 31st 2016

English press release

German press release


The “Boutique du Champignon” (Mushroom Store) of Villefranche-de-Conflent also organizes a Mushroom Festival since 2015, which the following program:

- Mushroom exhibition from 10am to 18:00: 200 to 300 mushrooms species will be exhibited by the Mycological Association André Marchand (Perpignan) and mycologists of the association will identify your mushroom pickings all day.

- Fresh mushrooms will be on sale: porcini, chanterelles and trumpets from the Catalan country, as well as  mushroom growing kits to grow them by yourselves.

- Mushrooms Special Menus in the restaurants of Villefranche de Conflent: it is highly advisable to book. 

The Mushroom Festival in Villefranche-de-Conflent takes place now every 2 years. Next time will be in October 2019.

The “Boutique du Champignon” (Mushroom Store) of Villefranche-de-Conflent organizes a Truffle Day as well. In 2018 it will take place for the 14th edition on Sunday, December 16, 2018 to celebrate "the black princess", so named by French writer Colette.

- Meet at the village hall from 10am to enjoy the producers market, drink hot wine (in moderation of course because alcohol abuse is dangerous for health), buy a truffle (from 11am), and participate in the raffle.
- Special Truffle menus in Villefranche de Conflent restaurants: it is highly advisable to book.

For further information, please contact Delphine JULIEN at +33 4 68 05 94 76.

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